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Workshops Classes and Seminars

Finding Hope in a Confused World

Led by Steven Fletcher
Wednesday, September 29
Cost: $15

In spite of the stream of negative events that we all experience, there are many reasons to be hopeful. Steven Fletcher, author of Still Reflections: Stories of the Heart, will lead a workshop that will stress the importance of how we view ourselves and the world around us. The workshop will offer practical methods to maintain a healthy attitude towards the world that envelopes us.

Steven Fletcher, author of Still Reflections: Stories of the Heart is also a musician, songwriter, and software architect. However, his first and most lasting love is education. Steven has spent half of his life in the United States and the remainder in countries around the world. His exposure to and love for the different peoples of the world -- warmly colors all his work. Those who participate in the workshops he facilitates will come away with a wonderful sense of love, acceptance, and insight.

Cost: $15 Please make reservations


September 29
Cost: $15

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